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Wool Painting "Whispered Secrets from the Enchanted Forest" from the Alternative Space collection

Wool Painting "Whispered Secrets from the Enchanted Forest" from the Alternative Space collection

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Embark on an artistic journey of self-discovery with Elena Bondar as she unveils the captivating essence of her wool paintings, igniting personal growth and reinvention. Witness the transformative power of art as negative behaviors dissipate, dreams are pursued with newfound determination, and an indomitable sense of empowerment takes root. 

Dive into the enchanting realm of wool paintings and unravel the profound impact art has on shaping not only the present, but also the future. Elena’s wool paintings transcend mere aesthetics; they serve as gateways to a more radiant tomorrow. Experience it firsthand and unlock the transformative power of art!

This original painting is made from felting wool by Elena Bondar.

100% handmade, high quality, ECO-line, exclusive


75 x 101 cm / 29.52 x 39.76 inch



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Each artwork carries its own unique story

”Whispered Secrets of the Enchanted Forest”

In the heart of a mystical land, nestled beneath a canopy of ancient trees, lied the Whispered Secrets of the Enchanted Forest. This forest was unlike any other, for it held the collective wisdom and magic of nature itself.

Deep within this enchanted realm, a curious and kind-hearted troll named Finnegan resided. Finnegan had always felt a special connection to the natural world, and he spent his days exploring the forest, seeking its hidden treasures and unraveling its secrets.

One serene morning, as Finnegan ventured deeper into the forest, he stumbled upon a delicate bumblebee named Buzz. She had lost her way and was desperately searching for her hive. Finnegan’s compassionate heart could not bear to see the tiny creature in distress, so he offered his assistance.

Together, they embarked on an extraordinary journey, their footsteps guided by the whispering leaves and the gentle songs of the forest creatures.

Once upon a time in the Whispered Secrets of the Enchanted Forest, a kind troll Finnegan and a bumblebee Buzz embarked on a meaningful journey. Together, they explored the depths of the forest, revealing its hidden wonders and secrets.

As Finnegan and Buzz ventured deeper into the Enchanted Forest, they encountered ancient beings who unveiled the profound interconnectedness between all living beings. They learned that Gaia, their beloved planet Earth, was a living and breathing entity, pulsating with energy and wisdom.

Guided by the whispers of the trees and the songs of the forest, Finnegan and Buzz discovered that the Enchanted Forest held secrets that surpassed their wildest imaginations. It was a place where boundaries were thin, and with open hearts and minds, they witnessed the enchantment that lingered there.

With each step, they felt the presence of magic and heard echoes of ancient voices. The forest revealed marvels and shared wisdom with those willing to listen. They learned that the key to unlocking these secrets lay not in force or control, but in reverence, appreciation, and a profound connection to Gaia.

In the end, Finnegan and Buzz realized that the Enchanted Forest was more than a physical place—it was a gateway to Gaia’s profound knowledge and boundless beauty. Its secrets were a gift for those who approached with humility and love.

And so, Finnegan and Buzz became guardians of the Enchanted Forest, entrusted with preserving its magic and sharing its teachings with others. They spread the message of harmony and respect for Gaia, inspiring people to cherish and protect the life-sustaining ecosystems.

Over time, the Whispered Secrets of the Enchanted Forest continued to allure seekers of truth and wisdom. Its secrets, ever-unfolding, revealed themselves to those ready to embrace the interconnectedness of all things and honor Gaia’s sacredness.

Thus, the forest stood as a testament to the profound relationship between humanity and the natural world, reminding us that within the Whispered Secrets of the Enchanted Forest, lies Gaia’s eternal wisdom, unveiled to those who approach with an open heart and a spirit of reverence.

Indulge in the allure of this meticulously crafted wool painting, a true masterpiece that radiates charm and enchantment!

Transform the atmosphere of your home with this exquisite artwork, infusing it with a sense of warmth and individuality. Its beauty seamlessly harmonizes with diverse interior styles, making it a remarkable and unparalleled gift choice.

Presented in an elegant textile frame, this painting is ready to grace your wall, becoming an instant focal point. For an extra touch of elegance, you have the option to enhance its allure by framing it with a wooden frame on one’s own.

  • Size of the painting 70 x 96 cm / 27.55 x 37.79 inch
  • Overall dimensions 75 x 101 cm / 29.52 x 39.76 inch

The felt crafted items doesn’t require special care, just dry clean it. They are very light and cute, and they feel warm and soft. When placing the wool painting, it is important to remember that direct sunlight and moisture are harmful to the materials of the item. That’s why the wool painting, like other drawn paintings, should never be placed opposite a window, in a humid room or directly on top of a radiator.

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