Why shouldn't you be like everyone else?

Why shouldn't you be like everyone else?

I believe that most people yearn for success and happiness. They are on a quest for solutions, for pre-established behavioral blueprints. We try to find answers to our questions, to make the right decisions, to avoid mistakes, to meet certain standards, to emulate others, to follow societal norms. There's nothing inherently wrong with that; it's what we've been taught in school! We've been told our entire lives that we need to conform to feel accepted by others.
"But insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein.

In the pursuit of 'right' answers, many overlook the fact that we are all unique, and there simply can't be a one-size-fits-all solution. Within each person exists an entire universe. I genuinely believe that our mission as humans is to gain freedom of expression. Listen to your heart and be your own person. That's why standard solutions don't work for everyone. They don't allow the expression of your individuality. Have you noticed that today's "successful" individuals are those who stand out, who are unlike anyone else? They are authentic, they don't strive to look good in others' eyes. They have the courage to show their true selves to the world without fear of judgment.

Of course, in order to express your individuality in art, you first need to master the basics. Then, you have to learn to perform ordinary tasks well. Only after that comes the stage where you can create something unique.

To do something extraordinary, you must allow yourself to feel extraordinary. Give yourself permission to be different!

Through my art, I hope to bring more beauty into this world. Felting is a marvelous medium for me, as it offers endless possibilities for creativity. If you've always wanted to express yourself artistically, now is the perfect time to join my online courses. My mission in these courses is to provide a solid technical foundation and reinforce knowledge to achieve steady results. After all, only by mastering the technique can you later find your own style and create marvels. Solid knowledge and reliable performance techniques pave the way for unleashing your inner potential.

You don't need to fight with the wool, let it do its magic by playing with it. Don't give up - felt!

Take this journey with me, where we explore the borders of imagination, and push them a little further every day. Let's create a world where dreams come alive, a world that's as unique and diverse as we are.

Freedom of choice versus a positive mindset

During our spiritual evolution, it's a common belief that if a person encounters difficulties, they have chosen the wrong direction and are not following their true calling. However, I hold an entirely different perspective on this matter. By avoiding challenges, we are dodging life itself. I believe that the essence of life lies in growth. It's through seeking solutions to problems and overcoming obstacles that personal development happens. Even in our most beloved pursuits, we may encounter difficulties.

In today's world, people tend to steer clear of challenging situations, and even pain and negative emotions. To me, this is akin to living with one's eyes shut. If one refrains from experiencing negative emotions, they ultimately stop hearing their inner self. Living detached from your emotions is akin to a robot's existence. What separates humans from robots is the presence of the soul. And our soul communicates with us through the language of emotions. Our feelings serve as our compass, pointing us in the right direction.

The attitude makes all the difference. Challenges don't happen to us; they happen for us.

The freedom of choice doesn't lie in evading life's tough situations, but in our ability to choose our attitude towards them. One can choose to suffer, transforming life into a living hell, or decide to perceive the issue as an opportunity for personal growth and the development of their abilities.

It's futile to blame oneself for negative actions or feelings. For self-improvement, it's better to contemplate the actions that led to the current situation and adapt future behavior according to new rules. This requires a keen sense of self-awareness and attention to one's surroundings.

Happiness can't be planned; it can only be felt!

So, attempt to use your current situation as a lens to view the world in a new light and to understand yourself even better. It's a journey of growth and discovery, not an avoidance of life's difficulties. It's through traversing the intricate labyrinth of life, armed with the compass of our emotions and the light of a positive attitude, that we truly live.


How do you uncover within yourself the support for creative souls?

Often, I notice that exceptionally creative individuals are fearful of revealing their true selves to others. For instance, they might create something with their own hands and yet, hesitate to post a picture on Instagram. This reluctance springs from the fear of judgment by others. They put the opinions of others before their own.

In this scenario, the creator isn't living their life and can't unveil their full potential. Can such a life bring happiness? We could spend our entire lives worrying about what others think, or we could find confidence in ourselves. Many years ago, I held a high regard for what others thought about my work, what comments they would write. But this led me into the clutches of dependency on public opinion. This is not freedom!

Now, I understand that with each piece of work I undertake, I'm essentially teaching myself. This is possible, of course, thanks to my clients, and I am incredibly grateful to them for this opportunity.


So how do you discover within yourself the support for creative individuals?

First and foremost, we need to understand that we can't please everyone. There will invariably be someone who says something negative, but that's entirely normal! We aren't a hundred-euro note that pleases all. Secondly, creative individuals must allow themselves to make mistakes. Remove the significance of the outcome and perform your work effortlessly, with playfulness. Only those who do nothing, make no mistakes. Thirdly, we must praise ourselves compulsorily! We often berate ourselves, yet rarely do we say something positive about ourselves.

I hope these three rules help you to be more confident and shine brightly with your works. It's a journey of self-discovery and self-belief, a path to unearthing the immense creative potential within you and letting it radiate out into the world.


Unleash your Creativity

Each day we make small actions and dream of grand achievements. Our lives consist of actions, but do they lead us towards our big goals? By doing the ordinary, we attain known results. However, if we aspire to change life or develop something, we must embark on entirely new actions.

Taking the deviant route can be scary...

Our new actions may not always be right, and there's a considerable risk of error. But wait, that's not a bad thing! Listen closely, we have the right to make mistakes! Truly. Only those who do nothing make no mistakes. But without innovation, there is no progress. In my view, the purpose of life is in growth and happiness. Hence, I continually stride forward. Sometimes I stumble and fall, but then I rise and continue my journey. No one can give us guarantees about how to act correctly. We take action, and then we observe the result. If we don't like it, we alter our action. Nothing serious happened!

At this point, our attitude towards the situation is extremely important. If you perceive this as a problem, it will become a problem for you. If you consider this an opportunity, you'll emerge victorious. My students know that felting skills are learned only by doing. In the learning process, there are no mistakes. It's an enchanting journey into a world of incredible discoveries and new possibilities. During this process, we learn to understand ourselves and our desires better. The most important thing is to comprehend the internal reason that led you to this situation. Without understanding the cause, it's futile to change something in the outer world.

Life changes, everything changes. In the universe, only its variability is constant. We are better off accepting this fact and not hindering our progress by clinging to old ways and things.

Craftsmanship is learned by doing.
Life is learned by living!
So forge bravely ahead...

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