How to Be Yourself

How to Be Yourself

Why shouldn't you be like everyone else?

I believe that most people want to succeed and be happy. They are looking for solutions, ready-made behavioral models. We try to find answers to our questions, do right and not make mistakes, meet standards, do what others do, follow behavioral patterns. There's nothing wrong with that; we were all taught this way in schools! We have been told all our lives that we must conform to norms so that we can feel comfortable for others.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

In search of correct answers, many forget that we are all different, and there simply cannot be standard solutions for everyone. Inside each person is an entire universe.

I sincerely believe that the human task is to obtain freedom of expression. Listen to your heart and be yourself. That's why standard solutions don't work for everyone. They do not allow your individuality to be expressed. Have you noticed that nowadays the "successful" ones are those who stand out from the others, they are not like anyone else. They are sincere to themselves, they do not try to look good in the eyes of others. They have the courage to show themselves to the world without fear of being judged by others.

Of course, in order to express your individuality in art, you must first know the basic things well. Then you must learn to perform ordinary things skillfully. And only after that comes the stage when you can create something unique.

To do something unusual, you must allow yourself to feel unusual. Give yourself permission to be different!

I hope that through creativity, I can bring more beauty to this world. Felting is a great species for me because it offers endless opportunities for creativity. If you have always wanted to learn to express yourself in creativity, now is the perfect time to join my online courses.

My task in the courses is to provide a technical foundation and consolidate knowledge to achieve a stable result. After all, only by mastering the technique can you later look for your own style and do wonders. Good knowledge and confident performance technique lay the foundation for revealing inner potential.

You don't have to fight with the wool, but by playing allow it to do its magic. Don't give up - felt!


Freedom of Choice VS Positive Mind


During our spiritual development, it is commonly accepted that if a person encounters difficulties, they have chosen the wrong direction and are not doing their own thing.

However, I have a completely different view of this matter. By avoiding challenges, we avoid life itself. I believe that the purpose of life is in development. Personal growth happens by seeking solutions to problems and overcoming difficulties. Even in the most beloved business, you can face challenges.

In today's world, people avoid difficult situations and even pain and negative emotions. To me, it's like living with your eyes closed.

When you don't allow yourself to experience negative emotions, you eventually stop hearing yourself.

Living detached from your feelings is living a robot's life. What sets a human apart from a robot is the presence of the soul. The soul speaks to us in the language of emotions.

Emotions are our compass, pointing the right way.

Attitude determines. Challenges don't happen to us, they happen for us.

Freedom of choice does not lie in avoiding difficult life situations, but in that a person can choose their attitude towards this situation. They can choose to suffer, and then their life will be like hell. Or they can decide to deal with the problem as an opportunity for personal growth and development of abilities.

It's pointless to blame oneself for negative actions or feelings. To heal oneself, it's better to think about what actions led me to this situation. And in the future, adapt one's behavior according to new rules. For this, you must be attentive to yourself and those around you.

Happiness can't be planned; it can only be felt!

Then try to use this situation to look at the world in a new way and to get to know yourself even better.


How to Find Support in Yourself for Creative People?

I often notice that especially creative people are afraid to reveal themselves to others. For example, they made something with their own hands and dare not post a photo on Instagram. This is because they fear the judgment of other people. They put others' opinions ahead of their own.

In this case, the creator is not living their life, and they cannot reveal their potential. Can such a life bring happiness? We can spend our whole life thinking about what others think, or we can find confidence in ourselves.
Years ago, it was very important to me what other people thought of my works, what comments they would write to me. But it led to addiction to public opinion. This is not freedom!

Now I understand that with each job I do, I am doing self-study work. This is, of course, possible thanks to my clients, and I am very grateful to them for this opportunity.

I hope these three rules will help you to be more confident, and you can shine with your own works.


Unleash Your Creativity

Every day we perform small acts and dream of great successes. Our life consists of actions, but do they lead us to our great goal? By doing ordinary things, we get familiar results. However, if we want to change our life or develop something, we must undertake entirely new actions.

Doing something out of the ordinary can be scary...

Our new actions are not always right; there is a very high risk of error. But hey, this is not a bad thing! Listen, we have the right to make mistakes! Seriously. Only those who do nothing make no mistakes. But without innovation, there is no development. I think the purpose of life is in development and happiness. That's why I keep moving forward. Sometimes I stumble and fall, but then I get up and continue my journey. No one can give us guarantees on how to act correctly. We take and do, and then we look at the result. If we don't like it, we change our actions. Nothing serious happened!

At this point, our attitude towards the situation is vital. If you think this is a problem, it will become a problem for you. If you think this is an opportunity, you will emerge a winner. My students know that felting skills are learned by doing. There are no mistakes in the learning process. It's a fascinating journey into the world of incredible discoveries and new possibilities. During the process, we learn to know ourselves and better understand our desires. The most important thing is to understand the inner reason that brought you to this situation. Without understanding the cause, it is useless to change something in the outside world.

Life changes, everything changes. In the universe, only its variation is constant. It is better for us to accept it as a fact, rather than slow down our development, clinging to old ways and things.

Craftsmanship is learned by doing
Life is learned by living!
Boldly move forward...

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