Even a masterpiece painting can ruin your interior if you don't follow these points

Even a masterpiece painting can ruin your interior if you don't follow these points

What could be a suitable size for the painting?



Even one painting can create a sense of home and harmony in your house. It can bring your interior to life. It's good that the chosen painting fits the wall size in proportion. One large painting can be the eye-catcher of the room. However, a large work needs plenty of space around it. A too small painting visually disappears on a large wall.

Too many elements on the walls can visually reduce the space. The effect of chaos is increased by many small details in the interiors. Therefore, it may be better to give up on series paintings and put one bigger painting instead. For example, paintings that feature a landscape work well.

Choose the right place for the painting

Choose the most visible wall for the painting, where you want to draw the viewer's attention. Hang the center of the painting at the viewer's eye level. Leave a generous 20cm between the furniture and the painting.

A light painting does not enlarge the space

Wool painting interior

Many think that a light painting visually enlarges the space, but this is not always the case. A dark painting can become a focal point, and the room will appear larger.

Be precise with the lighting of the painting

Daylight wonderfully showcases the beauty of the painting. However, direct sunlight can ruin any painting. On the other hand, in a dimly lit place, you should consider additional lighting for the painting.

Better less than too much

Don't hang paintings on every wall of the house, or your home will look like an art gallery. Choose a significant wall in your home and emphasize it with a painting. If you want, you can hang several paintings on this wall. They can be arranged in a row or as a collage. It's not necessarily required to frame the art in the same way.

Next, I will show examples of collages...

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